Free Things To Do In Albuquerque

Free Things To Do In Albuquerque - When our kids are home full time, it's easy to start shelling out too much for matinees and meals out. But you don't have to blow your entertainment budget just because the kids are home with you.

Here are 15 unique ideas for no-cost summer fun the whole family will enjoy.

1. Help your kids create a scavenger hunt for their siblings. The prize at the end can be something simple: a coupon to get out of a chore, for example.

2. Decide on a charitable organization you all want to help as a family. Then make a plan to raise money as a group.

3. Help your 'tween or teen come up with a new business idea and help them get started. They may want to mow lawns, or maybe they want to create something to sell locally or online.

4. Help your kids plant a vegetable or flower garden.

5. Take advantage of your public library's summer reading program. In addition to weekly story times, many communities have excellent programs, complete with incentives, prizes, and contests, that encourage kids to read. After you visit the library, invite a few neighbor kids over for a read aloud. Everyone has a chance to read a short book to the group. Then serve popsicles.

6. See if there are any websites in your area that catalog free or low cost events: children's plays, concerts, art experiences, or museum tours. Look in the newspaper, visit your chamber of commerce and do an internet search for more activities and events that are specific to your town or city.

7. Find out when the free admission days are for your local zoo, museum, and historical attractions. Mark these free days on your calendar and plan the rest of your summer fun accordingly.

8. Get some neighbor kids together to write, cast, and stage a short play or a series of skits.

9. Help your children start a daily journal. Summertime is great for those little projects there isn't enough time to do during the school year.

10. Bring simple art supplies on a hike. When you reach your destination, everyone sits down on a blanket and draws a wildflower or the view from the top of a hill.

11. Go geocaching.

12. Make a silly video and send it to the grandparents.

13. Volunteer, as a family, with a local organization or cause that is particularly meaningful to you. Maybe you'll clean hiking trails, join or start a recycling initiative, or walk dogs at a local shelter.

Free Things To Do In Albuquerque

14. Ask each member of the family to take a turn teaching everyone else how to do something.

15. Make an obstacle course that goes around your block. This can be as simple as making symbols on the sidewalk with chalk that represent traditional obstacle-course moves: tire runs, jumping on one foot, running backward, and so on.

Free Things To Do In Albuquerque


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